Article Processing Charges

The publishing of article is payable in the amount of 330 EUR (gross price) after the approval of the article and the designation a number of issue. It is executed by:
  • Online payment
  • Bank transfer

Issued invoices are posted to the corresponding author's account in the Editorial System.

The all authors have this same rules in the evaluation procedure, regardless of seniority and nationality. This also signify, that we can’t waive / reduce payment in any case.

Payments are made before the article is published, when your article is finally accepted by the editors.

Transfer payments via Western Union, MoneyGram or PayPal are not possible.
Payment may be finalised in US dollars (360 USD), if preferable.

1. Online payment allows to make a quick money transfer by credit/debit card only.
How to make online payment?
  • Click on the button „Payment”
  • Go to „Pay now”, then click „Przelewy24” and confirm the order by clicking „Proceed with payment” – you will be redirected to the webpage
  • Choose from which card you want to make a payment
  • You will be redirected to log in using your details
  • After logging in you will see the transfer ready for duty
  • After completion of operation, the system sends the transaction status
  • Click "Back to shop" - you will be redirected to the Editorial System

2. Bank transfer uses for payment from your bank, if your credit/debit card not work or expired.
How to make payment by Bank transfer?
  • Recipient name: WNGB Wydawnictwo Naukowe
  • Recipient address: ul. Lazurowa 26/1, 20-781 Lublin, Poland
  • Bank name: mBank SA (formerly: BRE Bank)
  • IBAN numbers for EUR: PL 36 1140 2004 0000 3512 0415 0777 (amount – 330.00 EUR)
  • IBAN numbers for USD: PL 60 1140 2004 0000 3312 0414 3459 (amount – 360.00 USD)
  • Please, take bank transfer option: OUR (but do not pick SHA)
  • After the payment is credited to the recipient, the notification will be sent

Payment conditions
1. Settlement of transactions by credit/debit card is carried out by billing center Przelewy24 – PayPro S.A., ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, Poland.
2. The costs associated with service online payments are fully covered by the publisher.
3. All prices are quoted in EUR or USD.
4. After payment, will sent information automatically to the e-mail specified in the submission. The information includes a unique transaction number, facilitates the search in the event of questions or concerns.
5. In the case of failure to publish the article within the given deadline, despite the charges made, Editors take into account the complaints to agree of another date of publication article or to return the fee paid.
6. Your personal information is confidential and will not be used for other purposes beyond the necessary, associated with the transaction.
7. Security of transactions – transaction data is sent encrypted connection directly to the credit card authorization center. They can not be so "preview" no unauthorized person. They do not have access to them as employees Przelewy24 – PayPro and Internet service for which a service or commodity payment is made. Credit card authorization center seems only to confirm that the declared payment may be made. Internet service receives this information via Przelewy24 – PayPro.
8. In Przelewy24 – PayPro transactions can be made the following payment cards:
• MasterCard / Euro Card
• Diners Club International
9. Transaction service is based on the full integration of purchase on the website of the bank account. While finalizing the purchase of all transfer details are filled in automatically. As a result, the buyer does not have to manually enter the amount or order number, account number, or other data necessary to make proper payment.
10. Benefits of transfer payments:
• Speed – transfer is effected immediately, the bank's booking hours.
• Saving – transfers as free of charge payment channel.
• Security – transactions are fully secured.
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