Effect of Biostimulants on Vegetative and Productive Response of Duke Blueberry
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Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary. University of Prishtina. Kosovo
National Berry Association “Mjedra e Kosovës”. Kosovo
Agriculture and Environmental Engineering. UBT College. Kosovo
Corresponding author
Kujtim Lepaja   

Agriculture and Environmental Engineering, UBT College, Kosovo
Ecol. Eng. Environ. Technol. 2024; 6:66-71
This field experiment aimed to assess the effects of Algae biostimulants (NPK + TE) and mycorrhiza on the vegetative and productive parameters of a blueberry orchard, as well as the shelf life of fruits at three different stages of harvest. Kosovo benefits from favorable agro-climatic conditions that support high-quality agricultural production. In response to the impact of climate change, the blueberry industry in Kosovo has increasingly adopted Algae biostimulants (NPK + TE) to adapt to changing climate conditions, enhance yields, and improve blueberry resilience against environmental stressors. The experiment was conducted in the Vushtria region on a 6-hectare blueberry orchard using a nested experimental design. The plants were planted at a distance of 1x3 meters, with a density of 3333 plants per hectare in 35-liter pots. The irrigation system used is spaghetti-shaped (4 spaghetti per pot), and the orchard is covered with an anti-hail system. ANOVA analysis revealed significant differences in the number of flowers, number of open flowers, leaf surface, number of fruit, total yield, and canopy volume. Our results indicate that the use of mycorrhiza positively affected the number of flowers, number of open flowers, and number of leaves, ultimately increasing yield and canopy volume compared to the use of Algae biostimulants (NPK + TE). Additionally, treatment with chitosan at the beginning of the harvest extended the shelf life of fruits to 25 days, significantly longer than fruits treated with Algae biostimulants (NPK + TE), (20 days) and in the control 6 days.
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