The Influence of Chemical Amelioration on the Structure of the Phosphate Fund of Retisol of Western Polissia in Ukraine
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Institute of Agriculture of Western Polissia of NAAS, Rivne Street, 5, Shubkiv, Rivne district, Rivne region, Ukraine
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Heroiv Oborony 15, Kyiv, Ukraine
National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Soborna St., 11, Rivne, Ukraine
Corresponding author
Vasyl Lopushniak   

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Heroiv Oborony 15, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03041
Ecol. Eng. Environ. Technol. 2023; 5:100-110
The study of changes in the structure of the phosphate fund of retisol after two rotations of a 4-field field crop rotation under the influence of the introduction of dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2) and limestone (CaCO3) flour in different doses before the start of the first rotation was carried out in the stationary experiment of the Institute of Agriculture of the Western Polissia of Ukraine. The dose of limestone materials is calculated on the basis of hydrolytic acidity (Hh) 2.80-2.97 mol/kg: for dolomite flour 0.5 Hh – 2.2 t/ha; 1.0 Hh – 4.7; 1.5 Hh – 6.7 t/ha; for limestone flour 1.0 Hh – 4.9 t/ha. The saturation of crop rotation with mineral fertilizers was N112Р87К105. The general background of the experiment was the annual application of the non-marketable part of the crop at a dose of 6.0 t/ha of biomass. The purpose of the work is to investigate the directionality of the transformation of the forms and different fractions of retisol phosphorus under the influence of liming against the background of systematic fertilization after the completion of the second crop rotation rotation. Research has established that under the influence of the introduction of meliorants, the share of mineral phosphorus compounds (P inorganic) fluctuated widely according to the experiment options (47.0 - 67.4% of P total), and organic - in the range of 28.5 - 37 .5% P total. Liming against the background of fertilizer application also caused certain changes in the proportions between different forms of phosphorus. The main part (55.5 - 70.7%) of inorganic P is aluminum phosphates (Al-P) and iron phosphates (Fe-P). The established features of the transformation of the phosphate pool in retisol under the influence of the introduction of chemical ameliorants indicate an increase in the share of bioavailable phosphorus compounds, significant changes in the conditions of phosphorus nutrition of crop rotation crops and a change in the functional stability of the agroecosystem in general.
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