Experimental Comparison of Normal Plain Concrete and Recycled Aggregate Concrete Addition with Coconut Fiber and Chemrite-530 SP
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Department of Business & Management, Superior University Lahore, 17 km Raiwind Road, Punjab, Pakistan
Corresponding author
Mateen Ur Rahim   

Department of Business & Management, Superior University Lahore, 17 km Raiwind Road, Punjab, Pakistan
Ecol. Eng. Environ. Technol. 2023; 7:186-195
Concrete is versatile and widely used construction material that has been in existence for centuries. Waste concrete comes from demolished concrete structures and has appeared as a worldwide challenge in recent years. Rather than disposing of waste concrete in landfills, it can be recycled and used for various purposes to protect natural resources and minimize environmental pollution. Managing waste has become important because of an increase in the demand for natural resources as well as the amount of waste products produced during construction and demolition, both of which have put enormous pressure on the environment. Environmental studies that cover waste material recycling and reuse are becoming increasingly important today. Environmental pollution is thought to be best solved by using waste that was collected from demolished buildings, or natural resources, cleaned, and then reduced to aggregate form. Construction expenses are rising today, and the gradual influence on the environment has driven researchers to accept natural fibers such as coconut fiber for reinforcing concrete. Normal plain concrete cubes, cylinders, and Coconut Fiber cubes and cylinders were prepared. Coconut fibers are used at different ratios. A very small amount of admixtures called super-plasticizers is added to the concrete mix. As a result of their addition, the mixture becomes significantly more workable, and the water/cement ratio or even the amount of cement is lowered. Their performance is determined by the type of super-plasticizer SP used, the composition of the concrete mixture, the time of addition, and the temperature conditions at the time of mixing and concreting. The primary goal of the research study was to compare the characteristics of recycled concrete aggregate, RCA combined with natural Coconut fiber CF and SP Super plasticizer Chemrite-530 to those of Normal Plain Concrete under Compressive-Strength and Splitting-Tensile strength.
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