Review on Impact of Construction Waste Landfill on Environment and its Reutilization
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Department of Civil Engineering, Sona College of Technology, Salem 636005, India
Corresponding author
Jagan Sivamani   

Department of Civil Engineering, Sona College of Technology, Salem 636005, India
Ecol. Eng. Environ. Technol. 2022; 6:233-242
In several countries, the use of recycled coarse aggregate in construction materials is recommended; however, the use of organic matter is restricted because it can produce significant changes in compressive strength. In terms of reaching a conclusive viewpoint regarding the research topic, secondary data collection analysis has been selected. It is essential to utilize the recycled and by-products wastages to prepare alternative materials as this can be useful in generating a significant amount of fine concrete aggregate. As a result, it reduces the extreme exploration of essential natural resources and meets the requirements of natural concrete aggregates by using the alternative and recycled fine concrete aggregate. Moreover, the alternative materials come with similar properties and physical behaviour as they sustain the durability and compound stability of the concrete aggregate through the use of recycled cement. The disposal of industrial wastes can cause extreme environmental harm that can be reduced via recycled cement. However, it has been noted that the presence of harmful materials can result in issues regarding durability. Thus, it is essential to arrange materials for recycled cement that can be effective for construction activities. In order to maintain environmental sustainability and reduce environmental hazards, it is important to utilize the wastages for generating alternative concrete aggregates such as crushed rocks. Thus, this paper reviews the environmental effects of concrete waste pollutants and its sustainable reutilization to promote a cleaner environment and offer benefits to the construction industries with a positive effect.
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