Current Trends in Sorghum Use, Grain Yield and Water Consumption Depending on the Hybrid Composition
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Mykolaiv National Agrarian University, Georgiya Gongadze Street, 9, Mykolaiv City, Ukraine, 54008
Kherson State Agrarian and Economic University, Streetenska street, 23, Kherson City, Ukraine, 73006
State Institution Mykolaiv State Agricultural Experimental Station of the Institute of Climate, Oriented Agriculture of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Tsentralna street, 17, Polygon village, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine, 57217
Corresponding author
Valentina Gamayunova   

Mykolaiv National Agrarian University, Georgiya Gongadze Street, 9, Mykolaiv City, Ukraine, 54008
Ecol. Eng. Environ. Technol. 2023; 6:211-220
The success of the crop production industry in the southern region of Ukraine always depended on weather and climatic factors. Among the factors of crop formation, the availability of moisture in plants occupied the first place. This dependence was increasing in recent decades due to changes in climatic conditions occurring not only in Ukraine, but also around the world. In this situation, it is necessary to improve the known elements of field crop cultivation technology and develop new measures to ensure the stability of the industry and reduce its dependence on climatic factors. This should help to obtain stable yield levels in all years, regardless of the significant deviations in temperature, precipitation and other weather factors. The solution of this issue is also becoming relevant in connection with the conditions of martial law in Ukraine, when the area of cultivation of agricultural products partially decreased. Adjustments to the development of measures also arise in connection with a significant reduction in the area of irrigated land. At the same time, it is necessary to select not only more drought-resistant crops for cultivation, but even their varieties or hybrids with a high level of productivity. After all, regardless of the specified state and a certain weakening of the economic capacity of agricultural enterprises, it is still necessary to receive the planned amount of crop production. This will determine not only the state of the agricultural sector, but also the stability of Ukraine as a whole.
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